Using MW2 glitch gets you banned on XBL, not on PSN

There’s a nasty glitch in Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer that’s being exploited to score cheap kills right now; Using the Javelin, players can essentially become bombs which detonate as they get killed. To ‘encourage’ people to reduce the usage of the glitch, Microsoft has warned that they will be banning Xbox Live accounts from 24h to up to two weeks in the case of excessive use.

“…people we catch using [the glitch] will recieve suspensions from LIVE,” tweets Xbox LIVE’s Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse, later adding that “cheating suspensions are usually 24 hours for first offense. But egregious cheating can be 2 weeks!”

Sony is apparently taking a hands off approach to the matter however, with a rep saying, “I don’t believe we are banning people for using the glitch.”

Infinity Ward is currently working on “a big” title update which will fix the issue.