Devs are “pampering” gamers, Mass Effect 2 producer says

Prince of Persia was an interesting game that expanded upon the mechanics of its previous titles with one arguably minor flaw: You can’t die. No matter what kind of sadistic torture I’d put the Prince through, he’d magically float back to solid ground with the help of the fun-sucking Elika. This eschewing of challenge isn’t an isolated case in the current generation and Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho shares this concern.

“Sometimes I think we’re pampering gamers too much,” Cho told Video Games Daily. “Just recently, a game like Demon Souls is fantastic because when you die, and you fail, it’s not because the game was cheap it’s usually because you didn’t do something properly.” Cho is hoping to carry that kind of difficulty curve to Mass Effect 2. “It goes back to that learning mechanism of, ‘Well, I tried this – it didn’t work. I’m going to try something different.’ And I think that’s going to be something in Mass Effect 2, we don’t want it to be a cakewalk, you want a challenge.”

He continued with the promise of consequences as a factor in Mass Effect 2’s difficulty. “I think gamers want a more sophisticated game, they don’t want a breezy game where you see all the cinematics and just put in your hours and play it through. So definitely there’s some serious consequences. Delicious consequences! You’ll have to play to find out.”

The idea of “delicious consequence” outside the context of a Tijuana brothel intrigues me. We’ll have to see if Mass Effect 2’s consequences don’t involve any burning or itching in late January.