Modern Warfare 2 virtual army 8 million strong

In the first five days of Modern Warfare 2‘s release, the nation of Activision has amassed an intimidating virtual army of 8 million gamers. Activision was kind enough to do some number-crunching comparisons to show off its military e-peen. The Modern Warfare 2 army of Activisionland is larger than the world’s top five armed forces combined. It’s more than twice the size of NATO’s 28 country member’s military force (3.9 million troops). It’s also three times larger than the People’s Liberation Army of China, which is only 2.3 million strong. The Modern Warfare 2 army is also more than five times larger than the U.S. military, which includes the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. The military forces of India, North Korea and Russia are also miniscule in comparison to Activision’s virtual army.

For fear of being killed by a Javelin glitching suicide attack, I hereby refuse to write any negative articles about Activisionland’s dictator, Bobby Kotick.