Star Trek Online collector’s edition detailed

If there is one thing that hardcore Star Trek fans love to do is collect all things Star Trek related. That said, it’s no surprise that Cryptic would offer up a very juicy collector’s edition to their upcoming MMO Star Trek Online for fans to drool over and gobble up. For hardcore fans, this edition will be a must have for sure. Casual fans might not be so enticed though.

The CE version of the game will offer up the typical swag you would expect: brushed aluminum case, hard-bound manual and a cast metal version of the in-game communicator badge. The most notable piece in the CE is the in-game uniforms from Next Generation and Deep Space Nine TV series. So if you really wanted to make a Jean-Luc Picard replica then getting the CE version will be essential. If that isn’t enough to suck you in, there is also another in-game item — the Red Matter Capacitor will give you a temporary quick bolt of energy.

The CE will set you back $79.99 which for a hardcore fan will probably be a small price to pay. GameStop is offering up the special Constitution Ship and access to the open beta just for pre-ordering the game, while is also offering beta access for pre-orders as well. So you might as well kill two birds with one stone and pre-order the CE from either one of those outlets and find yourself getting beta access and then later on getting some awesome Star Trek swag.