Terminal Reality to develop ‘AAA Natal title’

Terminal Reality, developer of the recent Ghostbusters for PS3, 360, and PC, are planning to create “an exciting AAA Natal title” and are looking for some help. Four of the seven job listings on TR’s Gamasutra profile page mention that the applicant will be assisting on a new game for the 360’s upcoming interactive motion device.

One of the job openings is looking for a Senior Vehicle AI Programmer who will “create ambient vehicle and pedestrian behaviors, as well as race and chase AI.” Another listing is for an animation programmer who will “research and develop next-generation animation technologies that will make Natal titles a success” as well as develop “animation tools and technologies that pertain to fighting style games.”

Seeing a major title coming out of a developer that seems like more than just an add-on or mini game compilation is a good sign for Microsoft’s new peripheral. The last thing the gaming industry needs is another system housing motion controlled shovelware. Natal still does not have a confirmed release date or price point.