The US gets to start Chronicling those White Knights in Febuary

Hey remember White Knight Chronicles? Y’know, that JRPG/Diablo hybrid…thing made by Level 5 that came out Christmas day last year in Japan? Yeah neither do I. This is usually what happens when you release a game in Japan to so-so reviews due to online hiccups (No voice chat? Really?) and then never mention it for a year. Well the PS3 is still surprisingly slim in the JRPG category especially when you consider that its predecessor had piles upon piles of them. Sony has decided to help rectify this problem and finally release White Knight Chronicles in North America February 2nd under the name White Knight Chronicles: International Edition.

This version will be a “enhanced edition” of sorts similar to what happened to Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasty VII and will include the following changes and extra content:

  • Over 50 disc-based online quests. You can complete these quests solo, or cooperatively with up to three other players to gain extra gear and experience.
  • Voice chat.
  • The Georama. Build an online village for your character where you can invite friends to complete quests online and purchase unique items and gear.
  • Live Talk: Leonard and his companions will have side conversations during gameplay, adding a little more character to your travels through the world of White Knight Chronicles.Those all sound like good additions, but is this a case of too little, too late? Do you still care about White Knight Chronicles? Let us know what you think.