Blizzard to developers: Don’t copy WoW

Everyone is looking for the game that is bound to dethrone World of Warcraft. Often times, the MMOs that some think will do just that always have some clear gameplay mechanics with the Blizzard developed title. Blizzard lead producer, Shane Dabiri, told PC Zone magazine something that could benefit some studios. It’s that copying WoW is “definitely not the right move.”

“I know that World of Warcraft is very successful, and so people think if they were to make another game just like it they could somehow capture that audience. However, I don’t think that’s what players are looking for,” he said. “Players that have invested time in WOW don’t just want to do the same thing in other game – they want to try something completely new and different.” Dabiri pointed towards City of Heroes, citing that it’s at least one game that isn’t a set in the fantasy genre. At this point it seems anything deviates as far from the top MMO dog is a good thing.