7 days around the MMO world / December 6

We here at TVGB are mentally preparing ourselves for the inevitable slow gaming news period to be upon us as the holidays creep closer with every passing day. Fortunately we have support systems set up so that none of us go crazy as we have less and less to cover. Unfortunately for our very small, one man MMO-department the news seems to already be drying up. However we’ve been noticing some signs that indicate a very important patch is due to arrive this coming week to one of the most popular MMOs to grace our computers.

It’s been well over a month since Blizzard put World of Warcraft’s 3.3 patch on the public test realms. As of today all signs point to 3.3 touching down on the live servers during this week’s Tues maintenance. Even though you’ll never catch us predicting things with 100% certainty we do believe that the possibly is high for 3.3 to arrive officially to players this week. However, we don’t rule out the possibility that it won’t. With that said we think it’s an perfect time to review the major features of this update since there are a lot of exciting things coming.

Patch 3.3 brings in the most anticipated dungeon in WoW’s five year history, The Icecrown Citadel which is the home of the character we all love to hate — Arthas aka The Lich King. Icecrown will not only have the expected 10/25 man raids where you’ll face Arthas himself but it also throws a bone to the more causal players in a 5-man standard dungeon. Stating the obvious, the two dungeons will offer up loads of new gear and upgrades for players to get their eager hands on. With these two additions, players should have plenty to do for a good long while.

In the spirit of WoW’s ever-evolving user interface, Blizzard had decided to incorporate features commonly found in mods like Carbonite and Quest Helper. The UI is getting an update that will geo-locate quest objectives and points of interest on your world map. Looking for the area you can find Defias who drop bandannas to complete that quest in Westfall? Not a problem now as you can simply pop open your map and see exactly where those particular enemies are. This is a huge set as it allows new players to adjust more easily and quickly and gets rid of the cumbersome and resource heavy quest mods like Quest Helper and Carbonite.

During the tail end of the vanilla WoW days Blizzard added in cross-server battlegrounds and it changed the landscape and participation of PvP for the better. In that same vein they have decided to introduce a Dungeon Finder system that is essentially cross-server dungeons. You’ll now be able to queue up for a dungeon much like you can for a battleground and be able to participate in a dungeon run with players from different servers. The main benefit of this is that it increases the pool of players and thus allows easier access to dungeons for everyone. It also will reward you for successful runs with emblems that you’ll be able to spend for unique rewards. In short, it’s a win-win for everyone.

On top of those awesome new features there are many bug fixes and class tweaks. There are far too many to list here but as always you can see the full patch notes on the official site. We’re expecting shortly after the patch’s release that the arena season 7 will end and the beginning of season 8 will be announced so say tuned for that.

With one of ArenaNet’s founders moving on and looking to change the MMO landscape, Guild Wars 2 development moves forward and we recently got to see the latest trailer that features some actual in-game footage. Mostly the video is more of the same ani-matic style concept art and while it’s beautiful we’ve been wanting to see some real gameplay.

It’s appears that ArenaNet heeded our call and we see what looks like a more beautiful version of what we loved in the first Guild Wars. We unfortunately don’t get enough to be able to tell exactly what new things are coming other than the obvious graphical updates. Regardless of that fact, it does a great job of introducing the lore and whetting our appetite for a new and improved visuals and gameplay. Needless to say, after watching that we’re craving much more from ArenaNet.

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