Capybara calls on some friends for next iPhone game

I almost missed seeing this the other day, but I’m glad I eventually did, because nothing toots my horn quite like the work of Craig D. Adams (aka Superbrothers). So you can probably imagine my excitement upon learning that the Canadian pixel artist is teaming up with both Critter Crunch developer Capybara and musician Jim Guthrie to create a new iPhone game entitled ‘Sword & Sworcery EP.’

It… is a game, isn’t it? To tell the truth, not much is know about the project yet. Superbrothers’ website describes it rather vaguely as “a brave experiment in I/O cinema. A crude videogame haiku about life, love & death. A choice cut of myth & dreams.” Mysterious, indeed. But given the immense amount of talent involved, I think we have something fairly exciting on our hands from this newly-forged indie trifecta. Check out the brief teaser trailer above.