First Dead Space 2 art is pretty darn freaky

You’d think the old “man on spaceship filled with blood thirsty aliens” concept would have made the original Dead Space a fairly story-light game. But look beyond the basic setup and you could uncover the intriguing story of the crew of the USG Ishimura and their experiences with the mysterious marker. There’s still a lot to learn about this universe¬†however, and the first art released for Dead Space 2 hints that there’s more where that came from.

On first glance, you might just mistake this for a random splatter of blood, but the outlines of many of the first games enemies are unmistakable on closer inspection. The shape of the marker also sits in the middle of the image, and below is the mad scribblings that could be seen on the object, or written around the Ishimura.

Expect a full Dead Space 2 blow out soon. Until then, it’s back to staring in anticipation at this image for us.