More loading screens, less elevators in Mass Effect 2

The Mass Effect elevators. Quite possibly one of the most polarizing elements ever placed into a videogame. Used to mask the loading in between locations, elevator rides in Mass Effect always consisted of minimal banter between non-player characters or just one simple monologue from someone within the player’s party. It was also the source of many complaints from players, often for just being too long and too boring.

BioWare wants to make it clear that that’s out and more loading screens are in for Mass Effect 2. “The elevators were made in ME1 so we didn’t have to show boring loading screens. However there were a lot of complaints, so we’ve gone back to loading screens and movies. We still have elevators in ME2, but you don’t wait inside them. We’ll cut to a loading screen instead,” wrote BioWare programmer Thomas R. Roy in a forum post. “We’ve tried to make the loading screen more interesting this time by adding interesting visuals and information.”

Whether or not these loading screens will still take up the same amount of time it took for elevators to finish remains to be seen. The upcoming change is, to say the least, a hit to those who enjoyed the small talk between characters.