Tim Schafer on Brütal Legend, “for the most part very happy”

While Metacritic isn’t showing the most positive numbers when it comes to Double Fine’s rockfest, a general 8.3/10 for a game isn’t that bad. Which is probably why the man himself, Tim Schafer, expressed that he’s “for the most part very happy” about the response Brütal Legend‘s been seeing.

When asked about the less-than-impressive NPD numbers for the month of October, Schafer told GamePro, “I don’t look at those things for awhile; I like to give it time, you know? I think many people look too soon but a lot of games I’ve worked on have succeeded based on word of mouth. With Brütal Legend‘s multiplayer, people need to play it and talk about it, so I usually don’t look at the sales number for a month or so. Definitely not ’til after Christmas.”

One aspect of the game that took Schafer by surprise, in a good way, was the multiplayer. Coming from a background where his games do not include such luxury – or curse – Schafer expressed that “it was a lot of fun” despite his feelings of loneliness, which ultimately made him include that sad yet satisfying achievement/trophy we get when we’ve played with him online. “I’ve used that in a couple of invites, like “play with me and you’ll get an achievement!” It’d be great to see a graph of it spreading across the globe like a giant octopus.”

When asked about DLC, Schafer said – in a very vague manner and without giving away any details – “we definitely want to do more DLC for both single-player and multiplayer,” and that a few tuning patches could come along as well. Although these tunings would be addressed once the developers have spent enough time online to what actually needs to be, well, tuned.