Final Fantasy XIII seeing the best imports this generation

We gamers are obviously an impatient lot. Final Fantasy XIII will launch on December 17th in Japan, then nearly three months later on March 9th for the US and Europe. That’s apparently too long for some, according to an employee for import specialist Play-Asia. For their site FF13 imports are “the best this generation”, beating out other games like White Knight Chronicles or Demon’s Souls that hit Japan long before elsewhere.

“We saw a lot of imports for Bayonetta too – especially after Famitsu’s score – but over the last few weeks FF13 has gone on to outdo that significantly.” FF13 isn’t coming to the Xbox 360 in Japan so all these pre-orders are for the PlayStation 3 version, which as with all PS3 games will be region free.

With less than three weeks until the Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIII, expect gameplay blow outs, import reviews, and a whole lot more to start hitting soon.