Mass Effect 2 class update: The Engineer

Not too long ago, we got all excited about the Adept class of Mass Effect 2 which was explosively shocking, tactical and curvy as hell. We appreciated its power and potential to create havoc around the galaxy. Lead combat designer on Mass Effect 2, Christina Norman, who was the voice in the Adept class trailer, has to IGN about about another class, The Engineer (gameplay video below).

“We wanted playing the engineer to have a unique feel to it. We designed the Engineer to play as a more strategic, less brute force, class,” she said and went on to explain some of the new and improved powers the Engineer will be wielding, which include Combat Drone and AI Hack. The Combat Drone is essentially a bait. You summon it and it will draw fire away from you, giving you time to, for example, use the improved AI Hack to take control of your enemy and inflict some damage.

Although very hazy about it, Norman explained that one of the things that differs the Engineer class from the firstĀ Mass Effect is that being an engineer now feels very more “engineer-like.” Instead of using points to improve on armory and skills, it’s all done via the upgrade system and constructing these upgrades which the Engineers “are particularly talented at.” She wouldn’t talk about the upgrade system itself, hence the haziness reference.

Although not the brute-force head-on kind of class, unlike the Adept class, the Engineer can still shape the battle in his/her favor by playing it strategically as Norman explains it. “I think Engineers will really appeal to players who like thinking their way through combat. More than any other class, the Engineer has the ability to shape the flow of battle by summoning, hacking, and debuffing enemies. For a master engineer, shooting an enemies is seen as an overly simplistic brute force approach to battle.”