Rage to surpass all expectations, id’s Willits says

Being their first new intellectual property since Quake in 1996, id Software Creative Director Tim Willits says the “freedom to explore every possible gameplay option” in the Mad Max-ian Rage will allow them to “blow past any expectations” players may have for a new id game.

Rage at its core is a first-person shooter, but we’ve added so much more to the game,” Willits has told NowGamer, “such as vehicle racing, vehicle combat, a rich story and more colourful characters. Rage really will be something special when it is released and I’m sure our die-hard fans will love it as much as people who’ve never played an id Software game before.”

Speaking of the vehicle combat, Willits says creating a game “with a driving and shooting element so intertwined within it [something id’s never done before] … is exciting and also scary, but a heck of a lot of fun!”

Rage‘s release window continues to be a very vague ‘sometime in 2010’.