Blizzard’s next MMO sci-fi and/or fantasy-flavored

Blizzard’s next MMO is either sci-fi-themed, fantasy-themed, or a mixture of the two, a job ad for a 3D character equipment artist on LinkedIn suggests. According to the ad, Blizzard’s looking to fill the position on a team that’s focused on “next generation” MMOs, and requires applicants to have “2+ years game development experience modeling and texturing sci-fi and fantasy character armor and weapons”. While that doesn’t reveal much at all, it does say that Blizzard appears to be sticking to what they’ve proven time and time again they’re so very good at.

The new MMO, which is based on a completely new intellectual property, should be out in the next few years, though it’s probably best if we don’t go marking the calendars quite yet. We all know what a cruel mistress Blizzard can be.