Europeans hate Rios and Salem’s guts according to EA

When we spoke to EA Montreal’s Alex Hutchinson back at Eurogamer Expo 2009 about Army of Two: The 40th Day , he told us about how he and the team thought Europe misunderstood the original game. Apparently while America understood that that this was meant to be kind of like a buddy cop movie, Europe thought that this was a serious and harsh view on mercenaries.

EA Montreal EP Reid Scheider obviously agrees with Mr. Hutchinson, in fact he puts in in a lot stronger terms, “We had this whole market in the US that thought the tone was cool, but in Europe everyone thought it was ridiculous and tasteless and a bunch of frat guys running around.”

Scheider went on to talk about the fist bumping opportunities that Hutchinson also mentioned to us. Basically, if you bump fists a lot with your buddy, then the game picks up on this and starts giving the banter that we heard in the first title. If you choose to pass on this, then the chatter dies down and gives the game a more serious edge.

“It’s really important for us tonally to appeal to the European audience because with the core audience in that territory, the game really turned them off so deeply that they couldn’t get to the game underneath,” Scheider added.

We recently got some hands-on time with the PSP version of The 40th Day. Both versions of the game will hit the US January 12th, 2010 and Europe on January 8th.