Gears of War movie aiming for Cloverfield vibe

Let’s cut to the chase. Videogame movies, for all intents and purposes, suck. The occasional game-inspired flick might has its fair share of entertaining moments, but not a single one (or at least those recognized by Wikipedia) could be classified as a worthwhile piece of cinema history.

So the Gears of War movie is still happening under the direction of Len Wiseman, the dude who directed the first two Underworlds and the fourth Die Hard, who isn’t too bad a choice for a high octane thrill ride kind of action movie. However, the next part of what I have to say is might make you a little uneasy.

Producer Wyck Godfrey says the Gears of War film will follow the events of Emergence Day and the ensuing 48 hours, and that “it’s more like Cloverfield or something like that” instead of “people just in battle”, focusing on the survival aspect of E-Day. I’d like to draw my own (mostly negative) conclusions from these words, but there isn’t much substance here. It seems like anything and everything these days with a close perspective on catastrophe is given the “like Cloverfield” distinction, as if survival horror didn’t exist before J.J. Abrams. Chances are this movie is going to exactly what one would expect from a videogame movie: a couple big names, a lot of action, and not much else.