Lead and Gold finds publisher, set for a Q1 2010 release

Fatshark’s team-based third-person shooter Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West has found a publisher in Paradox Interactive to whom this will be a first console release.

They’re still not quite ready to say exactly which console(s) the game will be released on, only that “There’s ample opportunity to roll this out on several different platforms, including PC,” as Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester puts it. “We’ve said all along that for the right title, we’d jump on the opportunity of going console and when Lead and Gold crossed our path, there was no turning back. The team over at Fatshark is very experienced and has done an excellent job,” he says.

While a precise release for the Western-themed shooter didn’t come in this announcement, only that it’s set for a first quarter release next year, some new screenshots did. Check them below.