ODSTs in Halo: Reach?

Thus far there isn’t much known about Halo: Reach other than a few leaked photos and that Bungie will have an ‘exclusive premiere’ of the game this Saturday, December 12, at Spike TV’s VGAs. Now there’s word from Bungie’s Joseph Staten, Halo writer & creative director, that Reach will likely feature the re-appearance of ODSTs.

When asked in an interview with G4 about the possible return of ODSTs, Staten said, “I can’t comment on any future plans for our ODSTs. But it would be a shame if we made a game about the planet Reach — a place where Buck, the ODST’s squad leader, was known to be — and not have him appear in some way shape or form.”

After seeing an early version of the game a while back, Fillion expressed strong interest to be in Reach, so it’s probably a safe bet to say that Buck aka Nathan Fillion, and possibly other Halo 3: ODST stars, will be making an appearance in Reach. Hopefully we’ll know more this Saturday.