Yakuza 3 finally stepping outside of Japan in March 2010

Ever since Yakuza 3 launched in Japan way back in February of this year fans have been screaming for the game to hit the west. Many a rumour has hit the internet in the past months, but now it’s finally a reality; Yakuza 3 will come to the US, Europe and Australia in March 2010.

Don’t know much about this action packed Japanese epic? Well admittedly the announcement trailer above won’t help you much, but¬†very positive¬†reviews from the land of the rising sun and two strong predecessors on the PS2 should be enough to get anyone excited.

Once the game is finally out, it will undoubtedly be all eyes on how well it sells. If all goes well, then we should expect the fourth installment to be heading out way soon after a Japanese release too.