Desire to release Valkyria Chronicles II quickly and expand audience are the reasons for PSP shift

I have yet to find someone who played Valkyria Chronicles and didn’t absolutely adore it. The PS3 cult hit is one of the bright spots in the barren wasteland that is the PS3 RPG market, and fans have been looking forward to the upcoming sequel. However many fans aren’t quite as excited to play Valkyria Chronicles II on the PSP as they might have been if they were playing it on their PS3s. It’s an odd decision given the PSP’s current struggles, but the game’s producer, Shuntaro Tanaka, has shed some light on the subject via their official blog.

Tanaka says that if the sequel was a full fledged PS3 title, development would’ve taken somewhere around three years, and the primary reason for switching the development to PSP was the far shorter development cycle. Secondly, Tanaka estimates that 95% of the people who played Valkyria Chronicles were male, and he feels that putting the game on Sony’s handheld will help the game reach a broader audience.

Personally I’m just so ecstatic that Sega has decided to continue the series that they could put it on Virtual Boy for all I care and I would be just fine with that. Also, if you happen to own a PS3 and have never played this modern masterpiece, use whatever means necessary to acquire the now measly asking price of $20 and buy this one wherever fine games are sold.