More Brütal Legend DLC hits this month, brings clothing, maps, Tim Schafer’s head

That Tim Schafer is at it again, wanting to keep Brütal Legend at the forefront of our minds for the holiday season. Hot on the heels of the first round of downloadable content released last month, EA and Double Fine have announced the next installment to hit the PSN and Xbox Live on December 17 for only $4.99/480 Wonka Bucks.

The DLC, entitled Hammer of Infinite Fate, will bring three new outfits that players can use on Eddie Riggs to play dress-up, making him into Black Metal Eddie, Zaulia Threads Eddie, or, our favorite, Mountain Man Eddie. In addition to new threads for ultimate face rocking, the DLC will give players seven more back patches for additional style and comfort during their tainted coil slaying. The Deuce has not been forgotten in all this ultimate makeover stuff either, with four new paint jobs and upgrades like the Oculus of the Lost – a Tim Schafer take on the car GPS – and the Eye of Sorrow, which shoots projectiles of doom forged from the Sea of Black Tears, as well as something called The Disgorger and the Coiling Maw, your ride will be pimped, dawg. *shudder* Sorry about that.

Rounding out the already packed DLC, Brütal Legend’s multiplayer will also get more robust with four new maps, each featuring a completely unique environment tailored to the Gods of Metal, with an in-game element of surprise that puts a strategic twist to every Stage Battle. All that and nine new achievements/trophies as well as six more heads for Mount Rockmore, featuring Rima, Razputin, Dadbat, Hunter, Kage the Kannonier and Tim Schafer himself.