Project Offset news in 2010

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Project Offset, the last time being in March when another impressive tech demonstration video was released (if you’ve missed this game entirely then you must watch this older video as well to get the scope they’re going for). And it may be a while longer; After developer Offset Software was acquired by Intel in early 2008, it was speculated that the game would be used by the company to demonstrate the capabilities of their Larrabee tech, though with plans for the commercial graphic card and chip based on the tech now canned, the fate of the highly ambitious fantasy title may be in doubt, if in fact the speculation was accurate in the first place.

When recently asked about Offset‘s current status, an Intel rep recently said we can “Expect an update in 2010”. Whether that’s early 2010, late 2010 or something between is unknown, as is the nature of the update. Offset‘s official site says they’re actively hiring though, so I wouldn’t go fearing the worst.