Stranglehold coming to the big screen

You may well have forgotten all about 2007’s Stranglehold. That’s not to say it was a bad game, indeed a videogame sequel to Hard Boiled, John Woo’s ultimate action movie could never be bad. It had smooth gameplay, and impressive set pieces to tear to shreds, but it sort of just came and went without anything really to remember it by.

You may well have also forgotten earlier in the year when rumblings of a film were first heard. It’s still coming according to Mr. Woo himself, “I forgot to tell you. We are going to make that into a movie”. We’re not sure that Chow Yun-Fat is still in shape enough to slide down a staircase, firing two guns at once, but we all said the same about Harrison Ford for the latest Indiana Jones, and he survived a nuclear bomb. In a fridge!

No word on when the film will see release, but sadly the legendary director did state he wouldn’t be making any more videogames, “I don’t have that much time, even though I want to make one again.”