Dead Space 2 picks up story three years later, multiplayer confirmed

Space engineer turned monster slayer Isaac Clarke will have had plenty of time to improve his limb-slicing skills, as Dead Space 2 will reportedly pick up three years after the events of the original, with the alien infection that ravaged the Ishimura continuing to spread across the galaxy.

Still haunted by his narrow escape from a ship filled with freshly-minted Necromorphs, Isaac finds himself aboard a space station that puts the hulking planet cracker Ishimura to shame. According GameInformer’s upcoming cover story, Sprawl is an “organic, haphazardly constructed, long-term place that’s built around the remaining shards of one of Saturn’s moons – the first planet-crack ever.” Instead of cramped hallways and corridors, Isaac will be battling it out in malls, schools, churches, offices and homes, experiencing the terrifying transformation of the space station’s populace from the beginning.

In addition to expanding the environments, weapons (like the Javelin Gun which pins enemies to the wall) and enemies (like the lipless children with sealed eyes and clawed hands), Dead Space 2 will also be expanding the role of its protagonist, giving him a more developed backstory, personality and most importantly, a voice. He’ll need it to grief fallen foes in the newly added multiplayer, which Art Director Ian Milham teases will allow you to “strategically dismember your friends.”