Microsoft credits MW2 for its November hardware success, confident in Reach being 2010’s biggest title

After a month of besting the Xbox 360 in US sales, the PlayStation 3 was pushed back to the third place in November’s home console sales. A big reason for that is the runaway success of the biggest selling game of the year, Modern Warfare 2, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg says, which sold more than twice the amount of copies on the 360 than it did on the PS3 (4,2 million vs 1,87 million).

Modern Warfare 2 “drove a lot of people to buy hardware, and that’s why we think we did so well this month,” he says. “And in fact that’s why we did the Limited Edition bundle — and the results definitely reflect that.”

Looking into next year, Greenberg believes it’s Microsoft’s system that will once again have the year’s biggest game sales, “I feel confident that there’s nothing that will compare In size. Halo Reach will be the biggest game of 2010″ — a belief he’s not alone in.

The first footage from Reach will air this Saturday on Spike TV’s VGAs.