Sins of a Solar Empire compilation pack in February

The hit space RTS game from Ironclad and Stardock, Sins of a Solar Empire, is getting wrapped up and resold in a compilation package starting Feb 9, 2010. The package titled Trinity comes with the original Sins of a Solar Empire game as well was the Entrenchment and Diplomacy micro-expansion packs. If you’re an RTS fan and have been living under a rock this might be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the full Sins package.

Unfortunately there isn’t any monetary savings for buying all the full game and its two micro-expansions in this packaged form as the price is set at $39.99 which can be pre-ordered through Stardock’s Impulse service. When you add up the current prices of everything by themselves you’ll end up at the same price as Trinity. If you’re short on cash you might want to spring just for the original game which is only $19.99 but if you have the extra cash it might be smart to buy all of it in one shot.