Dante’s Inferno 2 a welcome problem, Knight says

Should EA green light it, executive producer Jonathan Knight admits that Dante’s Inferno 2 would be a tough nut to crack. Purgatorio and Paradiso — the other two acts in The Divine Comedy — don’t exactly scream “videogame potential,” making basing a sequel on written word somewhat questionable. But, that’s a problem Knight hopes to be faced with somewhere down the line.

“That’s a problem I’d like to have,” he told G4, “and if we’re lucky enough to solve it, we’ll go about solving it.”

Whether he gets that chance ultimately depends on how the first game is received, which is what developer Visceral Games is focused on right now, “[Finishing Dante’s Inferno] is just totally what our focus is, and then … we’re gonna see if people respond well to it in February — which I think they will.”

In a past interview where he also expressed interest in producing a sequel, Knight said he has plenty of ideas that could expand the first Dante’s Inferno. “It’s a big universe,” he said when talking about possible post-release downloadable content. “I have all kinds of ideas about what we can and what I hope we will do.”