Updated / DJ Hero sells 123,000 211,000 in November

Update: The number of DJ Hero sales in November was initially reported to be 123,000 units — that is incorrect. The correct number is 211,000. Please take that into account when reading on.

Original story: Activision’s other game that comes with a newly-designed peripheral, DJ Hero, hasn’t sold much better than Tony Hawk Ride, NPD numbers show. Besting Ride‘s 114,000 copies by just 9,000, DJ Hero sold through 123,000 units in the month of November — its second month of availability — which is slightly better than it did in October when it sold 122,000 copies (which accounts for only five days worth of sales).

Both Ride and DJ Hero carry the same price tag of $120, but the big difference between the two are the review scores; While Tony Hawk’s latest averages at 49 out of 100 on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, DJ Hero has been received considerably better and carries average scores of 84-86/100 on the two platforms.

According to NPD’s Anita Frazier, out of all the music games on the market DJ Hero was the best-selling one in November, which speaks volumes about the current popularity of the genre.