God of War III “complete,” it’s all about fine tuning now

God of War III has reached a state of completion where new content is no longer added, developer Sony Santa Monica’s director of development John Hight said in an interview at a recent preview event. “We’ve just made beta … We’re doing a lot of playtesting, tuning the game to make sure that it’s fun, got the right level of complexity and of course optimize, so it runs super smooth.”

But “the entire game is complete,” he says, meaning new content is no longer being added. The time from now until the game’s March release is spent on tuning “to make it more fun, taking out some of the rough edges, debugging it, making sure it doesn’t crash.”

Hight also said some improvements over the released E3 demo can be expected, “That was the state of our technology this summer. We’ve since added a few bells and whistles — depth of field, little better lighting — and of course we go back through that area and sparkle it up.”