Say hello again to Salem and Rios

Salem and Rios disturb me on such a level that I couldn’t actually complete the original Army of Two. Most of the time when I play through a videogame and kill hundreds of people the fact that I’ve done that just slides off my back, but with the two of them constantly smack talking and fist pounding after each level it actually got to me. Maybe the gameplay just stunk. Needless to say they’re two of my least favorite characters in all of gaming. I’m very European, evidently.

This new trailer does absolutely nothing to curb my hatred. Luckily, it does absolutely nothing to make me want the game either. I realize that this isn’t a gameplay trailer, but more of an intro trailer, but still it looks about as exciting as getting punched in the face. I can’t wait to hear the entirely out of place wise crack that one of the two makes after all of Shanghai is destroyed. Maybe they’ll look at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and comment on how it looks like a penis.