Sony almost breaking even on console sales

Despite a recent price reduction with the release of the slim model, Sony might soon actually make a profit on each PlayStation 3 sold. The first batch of consoles cost an estimated $805 per unit to build, and even with a launch price of $599, Sony was still turning a considerable loss on each machine. But thanks to the plummeting cost of components, the new 120GB PS3 Slim is assembled for a mere $336 and retails for a far more wallet-friendly $299. For those who dodged math class to throw conkers at badgers, that’s a loss of just $37 per console – although this doesn’t take into consideration any money thrown at the likes of marketing.

Consoles rarely make a profit, as manufacturers deliberately sell them as cheaply as possible and aim to recoup their losses through game sales and royalties. However, if Sony manages to reduce production costs even further, the Japanese giant could find itself actually breaking even. Managing bods must be super psyched at the news, especially following recent sales stats which show signs of the PS3 increased sales. We’re predicting a few celebratory gin and oranges at the company Christmas party.