Updated / The Saboteur on PC is flat out broken for ATI card users

Updated: More assurances that the problems are being worked on, “We have a dedicated team working diligently to find a solution. Currently, we have a possible fix (in the way of a patch) that is being internally tested.

“Although the ATI graphics card issue is the most pressing, we have also received reports from the community of some other issues based on specific PC configurations. We are closely monitoring those issues as well and testing internally to determine if those reported issues can be reproduced. If so, we will work on finding solutions as best we can for those problems as well.”

Original story: As if the road for The Saboteur couldn’t involve any more twists and turns, Pandemic’s swan song is now currently feeling the wrath of the PC gamer community, which is a group that, as previously reported, is not one you want to piss off. While it’s one thing to take away dedicated servers, it’s another thing entirely when potentially thousands of customers are currently in possession of a $50 coaster.

This is what has happened to PC gamers who have bought The Saboteur for their ATI powered rigs, as the game in its current state refuses to work work with 3K, 4K, or 5K series ATI cards on any supported version of Windows. There’s a thread on the official forms that is currently about seven miles long full of justifiably angry customers, and while there are a couple of tech heavy workarounds that might or might not work, there is no word or time frame on a patch. In the ensuing ferver, a EA community manager has said, “We will continue to work as best we can on finding solutions and will keep you informed regarding our release plans for anything that can potentially fix issues.”

I happen to feel like I’ve dodged a major bullet here, as I actually bought The Saboteur on PC, but I happen to be a NVIDIA man, so the game actually gets past the start screen for me. With that said, the game has crashed on me twice and it has more bugs then a Louisiana trailer park in the dead of summer, but apparently this isn’t just a PC issue. Maybe this one went gold just a little too soon.