Gran Turismo 5 tagged with a possible summer 2010 release

With Prologue out of the way, a demo hitting PSN next week and the confirmed March 2010 release in Japan, the rest of us are eagerly awaiting a street date for Gran Turismo 5, the real racing simulator.

After a massive amount of years in development, SCEA Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said during an demo presentation that Gran Turismo 5 is being eyed by Sony for a “Summer 2010” release. While we’re used to seeing a number of titles being released during the sunny days of the years, we’re usually more accustomed to seeing high-profile titles like this one being put on shelves during the more colder, icier and whiter days of the year. All the more reason to get excited, right?

When Destructoid had the chance to speak with Hinojosa-Miranda, questions about DLC arose and to this, Hinojosa-Miranda responded that while nothing is planned as of yet, let alone any announcements, it was something he was considering. With the amount of time this game has taken to develop, we can’t help but trust the dev team will deliver the DLC goods seeing as we won’t be playing GT6 for a couple of years to come, believe you me.