Journey to the Surface (kind of) with Little Sister

BioShock 2 is making some fans hesitant before the game even comes out due to losing the majority of the original development team including head man Ken Levine. The new footage below looks promising, though, and reveals some added gameplay features and a new environment for Big Daddy and Little Sister to spend some quality time in.

Led by Hogarth Delaplante, the Lead Environment Artist for BioShock 2, the playable Big Daddy is taken through Journey to the Surface, a section of the Ryan Amusements theme park that is used to show children born in Rapture what surface dwelling is like. Along the way, the player has the option to adopt Little Sisters who can then be used to harvest ADAM at the risk of attracting enemies.

Additional features shown are a more advanced AI system that has splicers hiding behind cover, a new hacking system that can be done from afar and (thankfully) doesn’t seem to be as time consuming, as well as dual wielding guns and plasmids at the same time.

For players wanting to return to Rapture, Bioshock 2 will be available February 10th for 360, PS3, and PC in regular and special editions.