Mega Man 10 to debut in March, with Commandos and surprises

Those who have enjoyed Mega Man 9, a title that represented Capcom’s exquisite love letter to retro gamers (count me among them), will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that Capcom is preparing another draft of appreciation in the form of Mega Man 10, which is promised to include more of what made this series endearing and enduring in the gaming landscape.

Information about the game has been coming out at a steady rate, the highlight being the unveiling of a new boss, Commando Man, who resembles a combination of Guts Man, Search Man and Napalm Man. This reveal, along with the news of Sheep Man, proves that Capcom always has new ideas for bosses, even when it seems like the well of creativity is running dry.

Other expected additions to this title include additional difficulty settings and playable characters, online rankings, in-game achievements and an item shop.

Whether gamers will embrace these additions or deride Mega Man 10 as more of the same will be decided in March 2010, when the game is expected to see release.