7 days around the MMO world / December 13

We here at TVGB take pride in our ability to sniffing out the accuracy of rumors and in regards of our predictions that the World of Warcraft 3.3 patch would release this past week, we were right. Now we don’t take credit for making the actual prediction but our skeptical forces in the office agreed that the rumors were founded enough to bank on. In the end WoW’s 3.3 patch did go live and the new features are a big success, the new dungeon seems to fill a void we didn’t know was missing. But that’s enough about WoW because there are other MMOs in the world that need to be covered.

As you might have known from reading previous coverage in this article, a preview of the upcoming expansion for Age of Conan was demoed on Xfire. If you got around to checking out that live video feed you would have found out that the expansion is called Rise of the God Slayer and that it’s bringing some fantastic changes.

The new expansion features a sprawling zone called Khitai that’s much larger than any other single area of the current game. The zone is so big that you’ll be able to train a awesome tiger mount in a long quest line where raise the tiger up from a cub. To top off the zone has weather effects, multiple cities and no loading screens to keep the experience as seamless as possible. The new zone will feature 2 new factions — Tamarain Tigers and Scholars of Cheng’ho — where players can choose a side and fight along side NPCs against other players and opposing faction NPCs. As you would expect there will be new gear and equipment to go along with the ongoing faction war.

The new zone will also new exploration features called shrine and dig sites. Players will be able to dig in these dig site areas to uncover secret quests and items expanding the game’s lore. Shrines will require some Indiana Jones-style exploration as the shrines are hiding in dark corners of the new zone. Once players will find the shrine they have to honor the Gods in the correct way to receive a buff, if they don’t they’ll be debuffed instead. There is a lot to be done in Khitai that I’m sure AoC fans are now looking forward to.

It seems that a growing trend within the game industry is rewarding players for pre-ordering a game, the same goes for the MMO space as well. Cryptic has jump on the that wagon and is offering up some pretty hefty rewards for pre-ordering Star Trek Online but what you get depends on where you pre-order it.

From GameStop you’ll be able to command the USS Enterprise and the Best Buy pre-order will get you a Tribble or Targ in-game pet. WalMart offers a skill package, Target offers a special weapon called the TR-116 and Amazon offers a Liberated Borg officer for you bridge (think 7 of 9). The digital distribution channel Steam offers up Chromodynamic Armor and Direct2Drive offers up a Multi-Spatial Personal Shield.

We think that GameStop has one of the better pre-order options but the idea of having a Tribble pet is also very enticing. Regardless there seems to be a pre-order bonus for everyone with plenty of options.

Last but not least the post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth has a set of patch notes previewing what’s coming on Dec 14. The patch boosts crafting to be able to build camps in a wasteland that will have Vaults and merchant NPCs. The patch also includes slot-machines and Black Jack tables where players can enjoy some in-game gambling. The are also special quests tied to the First Night winter time event and tons of bug fixes where you can check out the full patch notes at the official page.

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