Medal of Honor makes a strong, explosive debut

Despite the fact that we found numerous shaky-cam versions in all their glorious YouTube quality, this one had us standing on edge so we just had to wait for a nice, clean and undeniably amazing version of the VGAs debut trailer of the new and modernized Medal of Honor, developed by EALA and DICE and published by EA.

The upcoming iteration of the franchise has finally left the World War grounds behind and it clearly shows that come Fall 2010, it will be right among the top players. Intensity, explosions, vehicles of all sorts, and add the fact that they’ve got “the beard” – whom we think we saw in this trailer, albeit with a smaller, trimmed down version of it – and you’ve got a winner. And unless our eyes are playing tricks on us, we’re positive we saw DICE’s Frostbite engine at work in that last fraction of a second at the end, where a booby-trapped prisoner gets blown to smithereens and brings down the wall. This, along with the piped-down EA logo background explosion at the beginning of the trailer and the cover art, which could both be taken as signs or indications, would allegedly confirm the use of Frostbite. All the more reason to get excited, as we’ll be pwning not only enemies, but the buildings around them too.

Either way, there’s no going around it, Treyarch will undoubtably have to step up if they want to keep the Call of Duty name on top of all others. Next Fall will tell the tale…