Nathan Drake and Eddie Riggs heading to GDC

GDC doesn’t usually hold many amazing game announcements to keep gamers interested, but for developers it’s like Christmas. This year looks to be no different, as the developers behind two of 2009’s best games will be attending. First up is Naughty Dog, the devs behind the critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. They’ll be giving at least five talks on their game, including director Bruce Straley and co-lead designer Neil Druckmann on how they managed to integrate story telling with gameplay.

Double Fine are the other devs giving talks on their BrĂ¼tal Legend. Lead platform Programmer Peter Demoreuille, Lead Platform Programmer and technical/VFX artist Drew Skillman will all be on-hand to talk about the most interesting part of the game, its visual design.

And that’s not all; even Jonathon Blow, the man who made his name with Braid, which will have launched pretty much everywhere as of next week will be around to chat as well.

GDC 2010 takes place March 9th-13th.