Team Fortress 2 gets a crafting system

With the war between the Soldiers and Demomen heating up (Soldiers are currently winning), the good people at Valve are probably working on what looks to be a huge update. The Dec 12 update of the war update has brought about plenty of information and a new Saxton Hale comic. Oh yes and it’s also revealed that crafting will be in Team Fortress 2.

The system should come as a welcomed addition for players who have inventory slots filled with duplicate items. Making items however will rely on blueprints. “Blueprints, some of which you’ll get right off the bat, others of which you’ll have to puzzle out on your own, will tell you which ingredients you’ll need to combine to make different items,” according to the crafting page on the Team Fortress 2 website. Players will be able to craft guns, hats and even Sandviches. More information about the War update is to be released over the week.