UFC 2010 shows talent, will fight EA Sports MMA all the way

EA is known for going all out on their sports games. Best Team Sports Game award winner at the VGAs last night NHL 10 is a perfect example of that. However, UFC Undisputed 2009 got the award for Best Individual Sports Game, beating Fight Night Round 4 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, both coming out of the EA empire.

Next year, EA’s set on making its MMA title the best male-smacker there is out there but UFC Undisputed 2010 had its debut during the show and there’s no doubt that EA will have a hard fight on their hands as THQ has no intention of letting that prize slip out of their hands. And the debut trailer goes to show that UFC Undisputed 2010 means business, even showing the acting talents of the legends within the UFC.

Whatever the outcome next year, it’ll be an interesting one. THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2010 has been slated for a May 25th, 2010 release.