Crackdown 2, now with more zombies

For Crackdown 2, Ruffian Games has taken all the things that made Crackdown great – tossing cars, scaling buildings, incinerating pedestrians – and added a generous sprinkling of zombies!

Okay, not “zombies” but “mutants.”  According to the developers, the sequel to the popular superhero sandbox game sees Pacific City infested with test subjects escaped from the sinister Shai-Gen Corporation’s research facility, prompting the besieged citizenry to form a group called The Cell to raise arms against all genetically altered individuals, both mutant and agent alike. I don’t know what their beef is with the skyscraper hopscotching supermen, but I totally agree that having the living dead aimlessly wandering the streets, flashing their exposed skeletal systems to unsuspecting tourists, will do no favors for local property values. Call them what you will, Ruffian, but those are zombies.