Dedicated servers for MW2 on PC still not coming, mod toolset a possibility

The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 has been given more coverage than probably any other PC version of a multi-platform game in history, and none of it has been very flattering. From the price hike to the lack of dedicated servers to the required Steam connectivity, all of it has been met with disdain from fans worldwide. The PC version didn’t exactly set the charts on fire like its console brethren, but it looks like Infinity Ward is still interested in supporting their smallest community.

“Nothing on Dedicated Servers, but there may be some Mod Tools news coming in the future,” Community Manager Robert Bowling said in another newsworthy tweet about the current state of Modern Warfare 2‘s PC version, promising to pass along information as it comes in. It’s good to see Infinity Ward still bringing out at least some of the things that PC gamers cherish.