Development of the Wii’s Zelda “well underway”

The development of the new Zelda game for Wii is already going strong, according to Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma who says a lot of the ground work has been done and that the team is “well underway.”

“You may be under the impression that we are still only in the early stages of development – [but] in fact we are well into the making of the game. Our team has been working on making the building blocks regarding the action – the scenarios, dungeon-making and so on. We are well underway,” the producer says in the January issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, adding once again that hopefully title will make its debut at next year’s E3 where he’s hoping something “surprising” can be shown. Whether that means flying, gorgeous graphics or something else entirely remains to be seen. Though if it indeed will be at Nintendo’s E3 2010 press conference, we fully expect it to be their main focus.