Hawk and his board remain optimistic

Despite the peripherally challenged Tony Hawk Ride not doing so well in the hands of reviewers, or in the sales department, the name behind the game chooses to look at things from a positive angle. “I feel like the device is a flagship for other games,” Tony Hawk said at the VGAs on Saturday. “I think we can do another skate game, I think we can do other board-type games, surfing, snowboarding.”

“That really was the master plan,” he said of extending support for the board. “I didn’t think it was some gimmick that people were going to have to buy again next year.”

Hawk said pretty much the same thing about the board lending itself to other sports last month, while pointing out that Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer was in his opinion an PS2 underrated title. Kelly Slater Tide, anyone?