Heavy Rain addresses the age old trophy/achievement issue

So I’m creeping down the hallway of the U.S.G. Ishimura at a snail’s pace. Isaac’s low on health, and all dried up on ammo. If just one Necromorph rears its ugly head, I’m dead. Step by step, I slow edge further, when all of a sudden *DING*, I jump, fire a round in surprise, hit the remains of an explosive enemy and blow myself to bits. That *ding*?  That was a trophy alert.

Yes it’s the age old issue, trophies and achievements popping up in the middle of key moments in games and ruining the atmosphere, and nowhere is atmosphere more important than in Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain. This interactive novel of sorts relies deeply on grim, moody set pieces, and nothing could spoil the tension of a scene better than the trophy alert popping up all of a sudden.

To remedy this, the devs have gone to Sony, who have granted special permission to delay the trophy alerts in the game until the end of the scene. That means when you do something in the middle of a chapter that earns you a sparkling silver, you won’t be told about it until all the action has unfolded. This way there’s no chance of the alerts pulling you out of an experience.

Now there’s nothing to stop you from solving the mystery of the origami killer when Heavy Rain ships early next year.