Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will mark return to hardcore roots

Ubisoft is looking to turn back time with their recently announced Prince of Persia sequel. Not only are they avoiding the quicksand that is the questionable movie tie-in, they’re also looking to return to the franchise’s roots, promising in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands a game that plays more like The Sands of Time in terms of its controls, puzzles and powers.

“The gameplay is very much a return to the feeling of the original ‘Sands of Time‘ trilogy,” said Level Design Director Michael McIntyre in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, addressing concerns that the recent reboot featured too many canned animations, making players feel like they lacked direct control over the Prince’s acrobatic actions.

“I think that hands-off feeling is something we do not have in this game. This game is very much in the spirit of the original ‘Sands of Time‘ where it’s a little more hardcore,” he said of the in-development title, which will feature new nature-controlling abilities in addition to the time-rewinding. “Everything is in the responsibility of the player. The rewind is something they have to call upon. The wall run is something where they have to be holding down the button the entire time. The player has to do everything.”