Shadow of the Colossus reprint happening?

The short version of this story is that some stores in Japan are slating a re-release for Shadow of the Colossus this coming Feb. 4, so if you’re here for some cold hard facts, that’s all you’re getting from me and the rest of the internet at this time. However, I’ll take the liberty of running down some possible scenarios for how you might react to this potentially earth-shattering development.

Maybe you’re like me and already have a copy of this last-gen PS2 gem, faintly lit on a golden pedestal as Schubert lends the proper tone. Then I suppose this news goes in the “eh, whatever” category. Unless, that is, Team ICO’s giving it the God of War: Collection treatment and we see some 720p colossi shadows at 60 fps. Then you can officially wet yourself in excitement. We’ll let you know as soon as we do, and at that point (hopefully) the pants-wetting may commence.

If you’ve never had your chance at Shadow of the Colossus, I suggest you keep your ear to the ground regarded this impending reprint either way. Even if it’s completely unchanged, it’s a simply a game that will change the way you think about the medium. Then again, maybe this is exclusive to Japan, then we can all cry tears of defeat together.