Bioshock’s Sander Cohen cosplay just slightly less creepy than the virtual version

Danny Castellanos as Fort Frolic’s most memorable head case, via SuperPunch. I hope we’ll see more homages to crazed citizenry of my favorite failed utopia as BioShock 2‘s release date draws near. Though the chances are slim, I also hope we’ll see Sander Cohen make an appearance in the much anticipated sequel. The spotlights. The confetti. The conspicuously placed photographs of brutally murdered colleagues. The man certainly knows how to make an entrance.

Here’s a fun fact: if you choose not to kill Rapture’s plaster-loving patron of the arts on Fort Frolic, you can gain access to his Artemis Suites apartment, where he’ll welcome you in with a sing-song “Come into the light, little moth, come in.” And here’s another fun fact: that’s exactly how I greet the FedEx guy, which might explain the sudden dropoff in deliveries.